Anti-Ragging Cell

Anti-Ragging Cell

Madanapalle Institute of Technology & Science (MITS), Madanapalle facilities have zero tolerance for ragging and proud to state that MITS is ragging free. Students are informed to follow the act and ensure a ragging free campus.

To ensure compliance as per the UGC Regulations on curbing menace of ragging in higher educational institutions, 2009, the Anti-Ragging Committee is nominated and headed by the Head of the institution, and comprises of representatives as prescribed by the UGC Regulations, including civil and police administration, local media, Non-Government Organizations involved in youth activities and representatives from the institute.

The committee will ensure compliance with the provisions of the Anti-ragging regulations; monitor and oversee the performance of the Anti-Ragging Squad in prevention of ragging in the institution.


  • Help Line [email protected]

  • Dr Thulasiram Naidu R Associate Dean R&D Chief Coordinator - Anti-Ragging Cell

  • Address : Meet @ EB-016,Ground Floor, East Block, MITS

  • Phone : +91 8008500767

  • E Mail : [email protected]

Dr. Chandra Mohan K

Coordinator - Anti-Ragging Cell I B.Tech Coordinator

  • Address : Meet @ SB-211, IInd Floor, South Block, MITS

  • Phone : +91 9100973269

  • E Mail : [email protected]

Dr.Subba Rao A

Coordinator - Anti-Ragging Cell Additional I B.Tech Coordinator

  • Address : Meet @ SB-301, IIIrd Floor, South Block, MITS

  • Phone : +91 9160020473

  • E Mail : [email protected]

Mrs. Vijaya Lakshmi U

Senior manager - International Relations & Student Counsellor - MITS

  • Address : WB-212, II Floor, West Block, MITS

  • Phone : +91 9100600773

  • E Mail : [email protected]

Dr.Chennaiah R

Medical Officer