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About NSS

National Service Scheme Unit has been introduced at MITS since 2003 as a part of the academic programs and since then NSS has been functioning as a regular feature in the realm of our Academics. The overall objective of the scheme is educational and service to the community is the activity through which the objective is sought to be achieved. It is a student-cantered program in which projects are implemented by the NSS volunteers in the community in close collaboration with the community and thereby it provides vast scope for the student's interaction with the people.

N.S.S has enriched the students’ souls and minds. The overall objective of this scheme is Education and Service to the community and by the community. It’s students’ programme where we cater to the need of the community, as and when required, It will also help the students to communicate with the society. Student develop many skills and learn how to behave and interact with different kinds of people. The students go to the rural areas and try to develop a Technocratic Environment and help the underprivileged people to develop themselves.

NSS volunteers undertake various activities in adopted villages and slums for community service, Duration of these services is 120 hours. The NSS Units organize the regular activities as detailed below :

(i) Orientation of NSS Volunteers : To get the NSS volunteers acquainted with the basics of NSS Programmes, 20 hours are allocated for their orientation through lectures, discussions, field visits, and audio-visuals etc.

(ii) Campus work : The NSS volunteers may be involved in the projects undertaken for the benefit of the institution and students concerned. Such projects cover development of play grounds, laying of gardens, tree plantation in the premises, awareness programmes on drug-abuse, AIDS, population education and other projects. The NSS volunteers may work on campus projects for not exceeding 30 hours in a year;

(iii) The remaining 70 hours will be utilized for community service on the projects in adopted villages/urban slums independently or in collaboration with others in this field, as detailed below.

Rural Project : The rural projects generally include the working of NSS volunteers in adopted villages for eradication of illiteracy, watershed management and wasteland development, agricultural operations, health, nutrition, hygiene, sanitation, mother and child care, family life education, gender justice, development of rural cooperatives, savings drives, construction of rural roads, campaign against social evils etc.

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Mr. Pujari Rajesh

Program Officer

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    Madanapalle Institute of Technology & Science
    Post Box No: 14, Kadiri Road,
    Angallu Madanapalle-517325,
    Andhra Pradesh, India