Dr. A. Poongodai

Qualification : Ph.D. (Pondicherry University)

Details of Educational Qualification:

Course Specialization Group College Name/University Year of Passing
Ph.D. CSE CSE Pondicherry University 2019
M.Tech. CSE CSE Jawaharlal Nehru Technology University, Hyderabad 2007
B.E. CSE CSE Adhi Parasakthi Engineering College, Madras University 2000


List of Publications

S.No Title of the Paper Full Details of Journal Name / Conference Name, Volume number, page number, Date
1 A Novel Decision Support System for the Prognosis of Parkinson Disease IEEE ISMAC 2022 Conference Proceedings, 10-12, Nov’ 2022
2 Association between Demographic factors and Internet Banking Usage Accepted in Lecture notes, Springer.
3 Prediction of polycystic ovarian syndrome using F3I based Machine Learning Approach for earlier treatment Accepted in Lecture notes, Springer.
4 Internet Banking Usage and E-Service Quality Dimensions: A Pilot Study, Accepted in International Conference on “Continuity, Consistency and Innovation in Applied Sciences and Humanities”, Sep 2022
5 Biological inspired self-organized secure autonomous routing protocol and secured data assured routing in WSN: Hybrid EHO and MBO approach International Journal of Communication system, Volume-35, Issue-4, https://doi.org/10.1002/dac.5044.
6 Fruit Detection Using Recurrent Convolutional Neural Network Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering book series (LNEE, volume 698), Springer Singapore.
7 Preventing Crime Using Advanced Artificial Intelligence Techniques Proceedings of International Conference on Advances in Computer Engineering and Communication System – ICACECS 2020, 978-981-15-9292-8, VNR Vignana Jyothi Institute of Engineering and Technology, Hyderabad, Springer.
8 Regression Based on Examining Population Forecasting Accuracy International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering (IJRTE), 2277-3878, Volume-8, Issue-1S4, June 2019.
9 A Command Line Tool for Tracking Error Details of Program using Web Scrapper International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering (IJRTE), 2277-3878, Volume-8, Issue-2S11, September 2019.
10 A Novel Method for prediction of Parkinson Disease (Voice Dysphonia): Statistical Approach International Journal of Control Theory and Application, vol. 10, No. 1, ISSN : 0974
11 Generic Method for Tracking the Progressiveness of Parkinson Disease (speech signal): Regression Technique International Journal of Control Theory and Application.
12 An Empirical approach for fuzzy rules using Classification and Regression Tree International Journal of Control Theory and Application and Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Sustainable Computing Techniques in Engineering, Science and Management (SCESM)
13 Prognostic System for Parkinson Disease (An overview) International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer and communication Engineering, Vol.3, Issue 8. (IF – 5.359).
14 AI Technique in Diagnostics and Prognostics International Journal of Computer Applications (0975 – 8887), 2nd National Conference on Future Computing. (IF - 3.1524).
15 iGain - Apriori: An interest gain based rule assessment for Association Rule Mining International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, Volume 2, Issue 1.
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19 Detection and Removal of Short Gun Surgery Bad Smell International Journal of Computational Intelligence and Information Security, vol. 1, no. 8.