Dr. Vinit Kumar Tripathi

Qualification : Ph.D. (NIT, Delhi)

Details of Educational Qualification:

Course Specialization Group College Name/University Year of Passing
Ph.D. Mathematics Mathematics National Institute of Technology, Delhi 2022
M.Sc. Mathematics M.Sc. MGKVP, Varanasi 2015
B.Sc. Physics, Mathematics, Statistics B.Sc. MGKVP, Varanasi 2013



My Publications

S.No Title of the Paper Full Details of Journal Name / Conference Name, Volume number, page number, Date
1 Unconditional Nonlinear Stability for Double Diffusive Convection with Temperature and Pressure Dependent Viscosity. Heat Transfer 2020, 50, 1523-1542.
2 Effects of spatially varying gravity, temperature and concentration fields on the stability of a chemically reacting fluid layer. Journal of Engineering Mathematics, 2020, 125, 23-45.
3 Effect of nonlinear temperature and concentration profiles on the stability of a layer of fluid with chemical reaction. Canadian Journal of Physics, 2020, 99, 367377.
4 Stability of chemically reacting double diffusive fluid layer in porous medium. r Heat Transfer 2021, 50(6), 6148-6163. (Corresponding author)
5 Effects of vertical throughflow and variable gravity field on double diffusive convection in a fluid layer. Ricerche di Matematic, 2021, https://doi.org/10.1007/s11587-021-00669-y (Corresponding author)
6 Effect of slip boundary conditions on double diffusive convection in a fluid layer. International Journal of Applied and Computational Mathematics, 2022, 7(6), 1-17. (Corresponding author)
7 The destabilizing effect of boundary slip on double diffusive convection in a fluid layer with chemical reaction under variable gravity field Heat Transfer Research, 2022, 53(3), 47-66. (Corresponding author)
8 Nonlinear stability analysis of double diffusive convection in a fluid saturated porous layer with variable gravity and throughflow. Applied Mathematics and Computation, 2022, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.amc.2022.127060 . (Corresponding author)