About Student Welfare Cell

Student Welfare Office is a distinctive cell which is always at the reach of students. Frequent interactions with students and addressing their academic grievances by getting to the Principal’s desk is the motto of the SWC. It receives complaints after different issues and coordinating with the concern to justify the student’s complaints.

The cell issues different academic certificates like Bonafide, Study, Course Completion, new ID cards for students and staff, Estimation form for applying Bank loans and so on. Letter of Recommendation to pursue studies abroad, are issued after a thorough investigation from the recommending Professors and careful editing, what so ever the admitted batch, on request of students who are out of the country besides sending the scanned copies of the same.

Emulating the benefits of several private scholarships and scholarships from central govt, (NSP) under MHRD, MOMA for minorities, SC-ST scholarships, AICTE single girl child scholarship to the students through circulars from Student Welfare Cell approved by the Principal almost throughout the year.

Counselling students especially freshers when they want to quit the college driven by home sick is a part of student welfare cell duties and objectives. Frequent parent interactions will be conducted when their wards are under detention and transfers and processing either for re-admissions or closing the enrolment. Student welfare cell organizes Awards and Incentives ceremony for academic and extra and co-curricular excellence of the students during College Annual day celebrations every year.

SWC is the authorized signatory for student’s traveling bus pass. The Cell is responsible to conduct college celebrations like Orientation programs, Freshers day & Annual Day celebrations and Cultural fests. SWC maintains SMS to parents regarding their wards attendance progress Thrice/twice depending on working days per week, besides departmental messages on request of departments.

The SWC has been given additional responsibility of digital monitoring of class rooms and physical rounds for smooth conduct of classes, Labs, Library, canteen and such other student existing places, for respective activity through digital equipment and getting to the notice of Principal every day in the evening. It coordinates any other student related responsibilities and issues even out of college hours.

SWC Achievements:

  • Centralized monitoring system for attendance of students is achieved

  • SMS to the parents in Telugu has got in to existence for which parents felt happy.

  • Hundreds of students benefited through private and central govt scholarships as of now which is a big achievement being raised as a student welfare cell.

  • Received award (certificate and prize money) from the management for best work to achieve exclusive number of scholarships.

  • No of parents visiting the college regarding absenteeism of their wards has been increased.

  • SAC (Student Activity Center) has been established in which different kinds of clubs performed activities.

  • Several cultural Programmes are conducted throughout the academic year. A Two Day National Cultural and Sports Fest is organised every year in the month of February/March.

Circulars 2016-17

Circulars 2015-16

  • Dear Student Congratulations, being a topper of your branch. Please collect your academic excellence award on 13-04-2016, during Annual Day celebrations
  • Ms.N.BHARATHI (11691A0306) of Mechanical Engg Dept & Mr.A.M.SIVA KRISHNA (11691A1240) of IT Dept are Congratulated on their Success for being awarded "GOLD MEDAL" for Academic Excellence of the batch 2011-2015 by JNTU, Anantapur.

Dr. P. Athahar
Senior Administrative Officer (Students Welfare)
Madanapalle Institute of Technology and Science
Post Box No: 14, Kadiri Road, Angallu
Madanapalle-517325, Andhra Pradesh
Phone: +91-8571-280255; (Extn: 168)
E-mail: [email protected]

Mr. S. Moulali
Assistant Administrative Officer (Students Welfare)
Madanapalle Institute of Technology and Science
Post Box No: 14, Kadiri Road, Angallu
Madanapalle-517325, Andhra Pradesh
Phone: +91-8571-280255; (Extn: 168)
E-mail: [email protected]

International Scholarships 2019-20

Circulars 2016-17

Student Quality Assurance Cell

The Institution established Student Quality Assurance Cell (SQAC) in the year 2015 which is administered by a student council. It works under IQAC and consists of an advisory, student coordinator and Members. The SQAC works for the quality of students by extending timely support and coordination. The student council of SQAC opens invitation to all students to register themselves to participate in academic and administrative discussion.

The aim of SQAC
To improve the academic and administrative performance of the Institution by incorporating student’s perspectives in all academic matters.


Student Representatives from each class, who enroll themselves voluntarily to the IQAC Coordinator, are nominated as SQAC members after due scrutiny with the respective class teachers and Heads of the Department.


The student members of the SQAC support the institution in all its academic activities. They help to create a learner-centric environment, spread quality culture among the students and institutionalize the best practices of the Institution.

The IQAC interacts with members of SQACs in all matters of academics and encourages student’s participation in the quality initiatives of the IQAC department in order to include their voice, views and opinion in matters relating to governance of the institution. More specifically help the Departments in monitoring following activities:

1.Notes & Assignments

2.Seminars of Students

3.Remedial Classes

4.Help the Departments in the feedback process.


6.Collection of exit feedback from final year students at the end of the academic year.

The Management and the principal applauded the students for volunteering to participate in the IQAC initiatives. Further, the Principal Dr. C. yuvraj advised the student the significance of their participation in the context of NAAC and other accreditations. Dr. R. Varadarajan, the IQAC coordinator, briefed the students on the key areas of responsibilities of the SQAC members.

The Academic Vice Principal, Dr. Rama Kumar, apprised the students about the expectations from the SQAC members. The induction program ended with a small open round of discussions and clarifications between the SQAC members and IQAC team.

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  • College Fest & Celebrations

  • Seniors-Alumni Career Counseling

  • Career Planning-Lecture

  • Career Essence Program

  • Career guidance and Competence building for young aspirants

  • Student to Start-Up: A Motivational Talk

  • Alumni Talk for right step towards career

  • Alumni Student Interaction

  • Operation and Application of Multi-level inverter-Lecture

  • Design thinking -A discussion by Senior student

  • Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp - A discussion by Senior student

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  • MITS provides an exclusive provision of Central Govt. & private scholarships along with A.P. Govt. E-pass scholarships. A distinctive department Student Welfare Cell is always at the reach of students which discloses complete information to apply for various scholarships like AICTE, UGC, MHRD-NSP, MOMA for Minorities, ONGC, etc.,

    Scholarships Beneficiaries Data

    Year No.of Scholarships No.of Student Beneficiaries
    2013-14 6 64
    2014-15 10 336
    2015-16 11 383
    2016-17 12 408
    2017-18 14 569
    2018-19 18 637
    2019-20 20 364
    2020-21 12 355
    2021-22 12 224
    2022-23 2 (Progressive) 2 (Progressive)
  • Central Government Scholarships 2014-2021

  • Non-Government Scholarships 2014-2021

  • Institutional Awards and IncentivesScholarship 2016-2021