Students' Clubs

The dynamism of academic life spills out of the classrooms. It is a credit to the mental and intellectual focus of the students that many of the clubs are extensions of their academic and career aspirations. There are several annual ‘fests’ and entertainment events organized by the institution every year. Students’ clubs provide a forum for interaction among themselves and the outside world events, however varied, it may be formal or informal, but brings out the passion in youngsters and develop their organizational skills. The clubs bring about a good balance of work, fun and leisure activities and ensure the all round development of students.

Student Club Constitution Event Calendar Consolidate Student Club Activities-2021-2022

Importance of Student Clubs :
Students’ Clubs are the main hub of student activity. They provide an outlet and a stage for the creative juices of young minds and hearts. The clubs give you the chance to apply classroom learning in the outside world. This helps you to gain invaluable leadership as well as life skills. In addition to connecting other students who have similar interests, students’ clubs make students to interact with alumni and professionals in their fields of interest.

Benefits of Students Clubs:
• Students’ clubs enrich your experience, create a diverse community, encourage involvement, and provide opportunities for students to build valuable skills.
• This helps you to build formal and informal networks while exploring career opportunities.
• Open to all students, these clubs organize programs, events, and meetings throughout the academic year. Clubs listed here are officially recognized.


S.No Name of the Club Faculty Advisor Student Coordinator Contact Number
1 Arts & Cultural Club Dr. P. Athahar R.Aishwarya Reddy 9063245969
2 Film Makers Club K. Md. Riyaz Ali N.Sai Bharath 7386489875
3 Sports Club Dr. C. Damodharan H.Harish kumar 7993328217
4 MSR Club Mr. B.S.H. Shayeez Ahamed Y. TharunRaj 6302411695
5 SAE Club Shanmukh Sundaram V.R. T. Sayeed Faizan 7075216340
6 Tech Club Dr. K. Dinesh Y. Akhil Kumar Reddy 9398478469
7 AMCC Club Manu Ravuri V.Sai Shalini 8688285399
8 Literary Club Dr. M. Parvathi M.Sindhu 7569606834
9 Yoga & Meditation Club Dr. K. Krishna Chaitanya K. Swathi 7993122427
10 SKILL BEE Club K. Durga Charan M. Rasheed Ahamed 8332040887
11 UIRPA Club Mr. P. Firoze khan S. Mohammed Mateen Hussain 8297472017

Arts & Cultural Club

“Art is not what you see but what you make others see”. With this belief in mind, MITS endeavors to showcase life as they see it through the eyes of art. Arts and Cultural Club is an ambitious, all-inclusive one. It is a tempting, artistic, beautiful meeting-place for anybody with passion. The clubs’ mission is to bring out the hidden talents among students and also provide them a stage where they can showcase their arts and cultural talent and interest. The club provides lot of opportunities in the form of competitions and workshops for igniting the spark of interest present in the budding technocrats and honing their skills towards showcasing their talents.

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Awards - Medals for Sport Cultural

Yoga & Meditation Club

Yoga and meditation club helps in understanding the physical and psychical controls whose aim is to make practitioner aware of the identity of Atma (soul) and Brahman (supreme soul). Yoga and meditation club not only provides health, vigour, brightness and alertness to the body and mind, it also fills the life with satisfaction, happiness and pleasure. The Main objective of the club is to reduces tension, stress, anxiety, weakness, helplessness, fear, negative thoughts etc. which are increased day by day in this mechanical human life

• Conducts yoga and meditation training classes
• Organizes guest lectures on spiritual education and ethical values
• Conducts competitions related yoga and meditation
• Renders services such as yoga classes, donations and awareness programs to needy people

Yoga & Meditation Activities

Sports Club

Sports club encourages students to develop their sports skills in various outdoor and indoor games like Football, Handball, Tennis, Cricket, Ball Badminton, Kabaddi, Volleyball, Athletics, Chess, Carom Board, Table Tennis, Shuttle Badminton, Physical Fitness Program (will be conducted in Gym), Weight Lifting. Our college has grounds and equipment for each of these sports. The club also encourages the students to participate in Inter College and Intramural College sports competitions.
Outdoor Activities
Football, Tennis, Cricket, Handball, Kabaddi, Volleyball, Shuttle Badminton, Ball Badminton, Throw Ball, Tennikoit and Athletics.
Indoor Activities
Chess, Carom Board and Table Tennis

Sports Club Activities 2021-2022

Sports Activities

AMC Club

To bring out the hidden potential of students apart from academics, and to make them how a real world is running in the field of Aero and Mechatronics.

Enhancing all students to participate actively in their passionate stream (Aero, Mechatronics) and to create a finest platform to present their ideas under Student Activity Centre.

Future Activities
* Awareness Program – This is to give a complete overview of AMCC acknowledged by the students, through the coordinators of the club.
* Workshops – As the name says, AMCC provides knowledge to its members by conducting workshops. They can experience a hands on in their passionate stream (Aero, Mechatronics) and are prepared to actively participate in events in and out of the college.
* Competitions – A various types of events such as idea competitions, hackathons, project expos etc., are conducted for the members such that they can completely utilize their knowledge and skills on a product i.e., Aircraft, Robot to win.

  • Aero Mechatronics Collegiate Club-2021-2022

  • AMC Activities

  • Tech Club

    For the all-round development of the students and to enrich their technical knowledge the institute provides a platform for various students’ activities. This club envisages conducive platform to explore student’s latent talents and also to enable them to come out with their innovative ideas.
    The students are encouraged to become the member of Tech Club to help broaden their skills and horizons. The Tech Club not only help the students explore their hidden talent but also help in areas such as personality development and inculcating in the students the spirit of organization by providing them with a platform for hosting their technical talents.
    The focus of the tech club primarily is to help the students gain practical as well as theoretical technical knowledge. Students are provided with an opportunity to implement what they learn in their respective class rooms.

    Activities under Tech Club
    • Conducting technical events such as symposiums, Quizzes, Model exhibitions.
    • Organizing Guest Lectures.
    • Industry Visits to provide students an insight regarding internal working of companies.

    Tech Club Events 2021-22

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    SAE India Collegiate Club

  • We are the most preferred technical body for knowledge dissemination and skill development of mobility professionals,students, and faculty.
    We are a trusted think-tank advising policymakers on Mobility related matters.

  • Mission
  • We are a self sustaining society with more than 10% of mobility professionals as members.
    We are a nimble and professional organization creating value for Mobility Engineering community.

  • Future Activities
    * SUPRA SAE INDIA is India’s top most student Formula Car event (sponsored by Maruthi Suzuki) which gives a real platform to student to test their engineering skill and refine them by learning from their little mistakes.
    * BAJA SAE INDIA is an Off-Road competition (Mahindra & Mahindra) which encourages undergraduate students to apply their knowledge and skills to build an off-road buggy (car).
    * ELECTRIC TWO WHEELER DESIGN COMPETITION(E-BIKE):tasks the students to think laterally in building the future mobility i.e. Electric vehicle
    * AERO Design challenge.
    * Webinars, Workshops on Automobiles


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    MITS Social Responsibility Club

  • To awakening the inner person with spirit of service for the betterment of society and to inculcate mutual helpingness among the people.

  • Mission
  • Social service oriented activities that makes people understand the society.

  • Activities
    * Green campus
    * Clean campus
    * Water & electricity save
    * Support orphans
    * Support schools
    * Awareness on social issues
    * Visiting villages
    * Support during medical emergency
    * Health awareness programs
    * Blood information

    MITS Social Responsibility Club Events

    MITS Social Responsibility Club Events 2021-22

    MITS Social Responsibility Club Events 2020-21

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    MITS Social Responsibility Club Events 2018-19

    MITS Social Responsibility Club Events 2017-18

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    Film Makers Club

    About Us: This Film Makers Club is open to all students interested in making, directing, filming, acting in, or editing student films and photography in our campus. Our goal is to bring together students who are interested in film and film making in order to encourage and provide support and guidance for student filmmaking, photography interests and activities.

    Film Makers Club Events

    Film Makers Club Events 2021-2022

    Film Makers Club Events 2018-19

    Film Makers Club Events 2017-18

    Film Makers Club Events 2016-17

    Film Makers Club Events 2015-16

    • To encourage and motivate the creating aspirants in MITS.
    • To bring together students from all backgrounds, with all kinds of interests and areas of expertise, and allow them to work in the field of their interest and hone their skills in video production.
    • Our club intends to encourage students in the field of dramatics by enacting plays, making short films and thereby enabling students to develop their interpersonal skills.

    Activities Planned:
    • Coming up with different stage shows and short films at a constant basis.
    • Organizing various short film competitions as well as stage shows showcasing acting talent.
    • Preparing a firm editing team and a good team.
    • Making short films on society and environmental issues.
    • Learning both about film and film-making.
    • To engage the students in a common interest of photography.
    • To spot the shots that shows the defects in nature and in students.
    • To get promote the college in films by conducting contests on short film.
    • The camera for short film has to be brought by student.
    • Our College Short films will be promoted in Social Media.
    Joining in our club might expose you to new genres, directors and pictures you’ve never heard of before. You may also get to work on your own feature that will be screened to the rest of the student body.
    All stages of film making are completely student-run, from writing screenplays to final editing.

    To anyone who is interested in film making: come join the best film making club on campus! See you on the big screen!

    Literary Club

    The English Literary Club of MITS was inaugurated by the Department of English and Foreign Languages in 2022. The club aims at nurturing the zeal for English literature among the students, thereby augmenting their creativity and language acquisition. It provides a platform to exhibit their innate literary potential.

    Vision: The club envisions kindling the literary interests and providing an exemplary platform for the students to immerse themselves in the ocean of English literature and art, thereby fostering their creative potential to enhance their personality, thoughts, ideas, and expression.

    Mission:The club’s mission is to organize literary activities and events, with an unflinching determination to help students build their personality holistically.

    Activities: The club conducts literary activities such as debates, dramas, group discussions, interactive sessions, skits, poetry and short story writing, storytelling, and quiz contests.

    Literary Club-Talent Hunt on MAY 2022