Schema for Students' Sustainability @ MITS

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Change is imperative. The project’s focus is the meaningful and purposeful involvement of the students on campus. MITS UI Fellows & FIF Candidates strive hard to establish global collaborations and create a sustainable ecosystem.

“Quality education is every student’s birth right” and all systems have to empower the students, the custodians of the planet. To prepare them for tomorrow’s world, driven by knowledge, machine-intelligence and digital pathways, we want to groom our millennials to leverage the limitless opportunities. We have created a platform for deep research orientation, innovation and incubation to establish a robust academic ambience in the ecosystem. We would like to create impact through addressing academia-industry linkages, cross disciplinary initiative’s by international collaborations.

“Continuation of life on the planet, making our world more sustainable, healthy, secure and joyful,” MITS’ student community being epicenter of this wellness program, ready to present in a humble way, the captured imagination of the global engineering community and to showcase in the website their innovation, talent building, research, creative project experience, multidisciplinary training, entrepreneurial mindset.


Schema for Students’ Sustainability @ MITS (SSS@MITS)


The project targets to achieve a neural network scheme, connecting all the stakeholders and peers working towards Students’ Sustainability. The initiation of this project showcases the progression of the students in various activities and events through the web portal.

Implications or Outcomes:

“To share is to care”, MITS strives hard to improvise the surroundings of the ecosystem through extending its multidimensional services. It replicates kaleidoscopic activities of all the stakeholders, their insights and the ongoing innovative activities in the digital platform. With the established interface, the web portal hosts various projects and replicates the success stories. The digital platform will serve as a unity matrix to reflect the strategic and customizable approaches, which can be accessed globally as a point of reference.

Madanapalle Institute of Technology & Science has MoUs with the following Institutions in different countries. :

  • BRNO University of Technology - Czech Republic

  • Innopolis University - Russia

  • Maharishi Vedic University - Holland

  • Taiwan Universities

    1. Providence University
    2. Ming Chuan University
    3. Ming Chi University
    4. Asia University
    5. National United University
    6. National Pingtung University of Science & Technology
    7. National Yunlin University of Science & Technology
    8. I-Shou University

  • South Korea Universities

    1. Kookmin University
    2. Chungnam National University - Korea

  • Germany Universities

    1. European Education and Research Council (GEMS) / Indo-Euro Synchronization
    2. Steinbeis Institute for Sustainable Resource Usage & Energy Management Tuebingen, Germany.

    Fruitful discussions are going on with the following Universities in Japan for B. Tech Internship & M S Programme.

  • Japan Universities

    1. Osaka Institute of Technology
    2. Nagoya Institute of Technology
    3. Iwate University
    4. Kansai University
    5. Kwansei Gakuin University

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2019-20 Internships

National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) - Taiwan (3rd February to 2nd April 2020)
S.No Name of the Student Department & Year Roll No
1 Ms. Susmitha Dupati ECE & 2016-20 16691A04F5
2 Mr. Sai Kumar Naidu Peddi Neni ECE & 2016-20 16691A04E2
Innopolis University – Russia (15th January to 10th April 2020)
S.No Name of the Student Department & Year Roll No
1 Mr. Sunil Reddy Aramreddys CSE & 2016-20 16691A0598
2 Mr. Gnana Sanjeev Majjari ECE & 2016-20 16691A0430
3 Mr. Mohammed Sohel Madirepalle MECH & 2016-20 16691A03C9
4 Mr. Yugal Kishore Nadimicherla MECH & 2016-20 16691A03B9
5 Mr. Madhava Reddy Pesala MECH & 2016-20 16691A03C7
6 Mr. Nagendra Babu Vallepu MECH & 2016-20 17695A0355
7 Mr. Sailokesh Ramesh MECH & 2016-20 16691A0359
National Chung Cheng University (NCCU) - Taiwan (15th June to 15th September 2019)
S.No Name of the Student Department & Year Roll No
1 Ms. T. Varsha ECE & 2016-20 16691A04G9


1. Asia University – First Batch (2017-18)
S.No Name of the Student Department & Year
1 Mr. T. PruthviNaidu EEE & 2014-18
2 Ms. C. Jhansi Lakshmi ECE & 2014-18
3 Mr. Manikanta TC ECE & 2014-18
4 Mr. Manoj Kumar Reddy T ECE & 2014-18
5 Mr. S. Mukula ECE & 2014-18
Second Batch (2018-19)
S.No Name of the Student Department & Year
5 Mr. P. Arjun Chakravarthi ECE & 2015-19
6 Ms. K. Jayasree ECE & 2015-19
2. National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) (Professor Level)
S.No Name of the Student Department & Year
1 Ms. Sucharitha C ECE & 2015-19
2 Mr. Umeshwar Reddy N ECE & 2015-19

3. Nanyang Technological University - Singapore (India Connect Programme)
S.No Name of the Student Department & Year
1 Mr. Sai Kumar Perimbeti Mechanical & 2015-19

Germany (Professor Level)

1. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
S.No Name of the Student Department & Year
1 Mr. Sai Praneeth R Mech & 2015-19
2 Mr. Yuvasree M Mech & 2015-19
2. Iwate Prefectural University - Japan
S.No Name of the Student Department & Year
1 Ms. Kavya Sree Gajjala CSE Dept & 2015-19
2 Mr. Ashika Kothamachu Ramesh CSE Dept & 2015-19

Internship in Rise and Shine Group of companies - Dubai

S.No Name of the Student Department & Year
1 Mr. Ashok Kumar. P Civil & 2015-19
2 Mr. Asif Hussain. S Civil & 2015-19
3 Mr. Ganesh Kumar Reddy. S Civil & 2015-19
4 Mr. Moinuddin Shaik. N Civil & 2015-19
5 Mr. Chiranjeevi. P Civil & 2015-19

Internship in Dubai at Jenmars Technical Services LLC, Dubai.

S.No Name of the Student Department & Year
1 Mr. Harsha Vardhan Bandarla MBA & 2016-18
2 Mr. B. Chitanya Kumar MBA & 2016-18

University of Eastern Finland – Finland (Professor Level)

S.No Name of the Student Department & Year
1 Ms. Susmitha Dupati ECE Dept & 2016-20
2 Mr. Kutagulla Issac ECE Dept & 2016-20
3 Mr. Sai Kumar Kesarla Venkata ECE Dept & 2016-20

University Innovation Fellowship Programme - Hasso Plattner Institute of Design School, Stanford University

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About UIF

The University Innovation Fellows program empowers students to become agents of change at their schools. The Fellows are a global community of students leading a movement to ensure that all students gain the necessary attitudes, skills and knowledge required to compete in the economy of the future. These student leaders from schools around the world create new opportunities that help their peers develop an entrepreneurial mindset, build creative confidence, seize opportunities, define problems and address global challenges.

Fellows are creating student innovation spaces, founding entrepreneurship organizations, hosting experiential events, and working with faculty and administrators to develop courses. They serve as advocates for lasting institutional change with academic leaders and represent their schools at national events.

The University Innovation Fellows is a program of Stanford University’s Hasso Plattner Institute of Design (d.school). The program was created as part of the National Center for Engineering Pathways to Innovation (Epicenter), a five-year National Science Foundation grant.

MITS has subsequently 5 batches after the visit of Stanford D.school delegates to our campus.

For more information about the program and impact created by MITS UIFellows go through the

web-link : bit.ly/mitsuif

MITS Commitment to UIF Programme

Fellows Programme Coordinator: Mrs. U. Vijaya Lakshmi

Fellows Gmail: mitsuifellows@gmail.com

Fellows Office mail: uif@mits.ac.in

QS Wow News Issue No: 24 February – April 2017

UIF Regional Meet up (30th January to 2nd February 2020)

Faculty Champions Dr. Balaji Ramanujam & Dr. Pradeep Kumar attended the Meet up)

S.No Name of the Student Roll No Batch
1 Hemamalini C ECE III Year Spring 2018
2 P.Abhishek EEE III Year Fall 2018
3 Sreevani kanala ECE III Year Fall 2018
4 Rohith.B CSE III Year Fall 2018
5 S.Tasmiya Samreen ECE III Year Fall 2018
6 Sidharth Kartheek Sarasa ME III Year Fall 2019
7 Jayanth Sarma KVNS ECE II Year Fall 2019
8 Mohamed Jafeer Sarafi Ahamed EEE II Year Fall 2019
9 Naga Bharat Kumar Kotrike CSE II Year Fall 2019
10 Naga Bhavana Mannem CSE II Year Fall 2019
11 Sai Sucharitha Nemmani ECE II Year Fall 2019
12 Sharon Jerusha Dayadi ECE II Year Fall 2019
13 Himabindu Peramala CSE II Year Fall 2019

Fellows Details

Fall 2019 (Faculty Champion Dr. Balaji Ramanujam & Dr. Pradeep Kumar)

S.No Name of the Student Department & Year Roll No Wiki-Link
1 K. Naga Bharat Kumar CSE 2018-2022 18691A0584 Profile
2 M. Naga Bhavana CSE 2018-2022 18691A0585 Profile
3 K V N S Jayanth Sarma ECE 2018-2022 18691A0474 Profile
4 N. Sai Sucharitha ECE 2018-2022 18691A04G1 Profile
5 S. Sidharth Kartheek MECH 2017-2021 17691A0312 Profile
6 P. Himabindu CSE 2018-2022 18691A0551 Profile
7 Sarafi Ahamed EEE 2018-2022 18691A0251 Profile
8 D. Sharon Jerusha ECE 2018-2022 18691A04H3 Profile

Fall 2018 (Faculty Champion Dr. Balaji Ramanujam)

S.No Name of the Student Department & Year Roll No Wiki-Link
1 Abhishek P EEE & 2017-21 17691A0201 Profile
2 Rohith.B CSE & 2017-21 17691A05B1 Profile
3 Sreevani Kanala ECE & 2017-21 17699A0498 Profile
4 Tasmiya Samreen ECE & 2017-21 17699A04A6 Profile

Spring 2018 (Faculty Champion Mrs. U. Vijaya Lakshmi)

S.No Name of the Student Department & Year Roll No Wiki-Link
1 Arjun Chakravarthi P ECE & 2015-19 15691A04N8 Profile
2 Hema Malini C ECE & 2017-21 17691a0456 Profile
3 Preethi Koduru EEE & 2015-19 16695a0216 Profile
4 Swapna Priya Pala EEE & 2016-20 16691a0253 Profile

Fall 2017 (Faculty Champion Dr. Vara Prasad)

S.No Name of the Student Department & Year Roll No Wiki-Link
1 Harshavardhan B MBA & 2016-18 16691e0061 Profile
2 Kusuma Amilineni ECE & 2016-18 14691a0482 Profile
3 Sucharitha C ECE & 2015-19 15699A04A0 Profile
4 Umeshwar Reddy N ECE & 2015-19 15699A04A8 Profile

Spring 2017 (Faculty Champion Dr. Rajendra Prasad Narne)

S.No Name of the Student Department & Year Roll No Wiki-Link
1 Nishkala Kollu ECE & 2014-18 14691A04C1 Profile
2 Manasa Kakarla ECE & 2014-18 14691A04K6 Profile
3 Praneeth Sai MECH & 2014-18 14691a03e0 Profile
4 Suchitra Nidiginti ECE & 2014-18 14691A04C1 Profile

Fall 2016 (Faculty Champion Dr. B. Rama Kumar)

S.No Name of the Student Department & Year Roll No Wiki-Link
1 Anitha Narnavaram CSE & 2014-18 14691a0598 Profile
2 Charan Sai Pala ECE & 2014-18 14691a0432 Profile
3 Priyanka Bonthala CSE & 2014-18 14691a0569 Profile
4 Sai Kiran Kumar Reddy ECE & 2014-18 14691a04g2 Profile
5 M. N. Sameer Ahmed ECE & 2014-18 14691A04H0 Profile
6 Sindhu Bhonsley CSE & 2014-18 14691a0590 Profile

Global Immersion Program for Indian Students and Teachers, 2018-19

Sponsored by: Providence University (PU), Taiwan

15 students attended both the Programmes on

1. Special topics on "IoT and Big data Analytics” 16-12-2018 to 25-12-2018

2. “Introduction to Big Data & Artificial Intelligence (AI)” 02-01-2019 to 11-01-2019

Student Participants

S.No Name of the Student Department Roll No
1 Sunil Kumar Pattem EEE 15699a0223
2 Harinatha Reddy Digavinti EEE 15699a0210
3 Sai Sumanth Dega EEE 15691a0258
4 Kodandaramu Saraipulikonda EEE 15691A0225
5 Prem Kumar Gutta EEE 15691A0247
6 Yandapalli Siva Reddy ECE 15699a0494
7 Sravani Varapana ECE 15699a0497
8 Sudheer Ragula ECE 15699A04A1
9 Sai Santhosh Dinnuri ECE 15699a0488
10 Umamaheswari Kaveti ECE 16690a0402
11 M. Lokesh Gorrela Krishna Reddy CSE 15691a0567
12 Srinath Laka MECH 16695A0339
13 Patan Irfan Khan MCA 16691F0010
14 Vamsi Thummakula MCA 17699f00a0
15 Venkatesh Pagadala MCA 17691f0056

5 faculty members attended the Programme on :

1. Special topics on "IoT and Big data Analytics” 2018 16-12-2018 to 25-12-2018

S.No Name of the Faculty Department
1 Gaurav Varshney ECE
2 Kuppusamy Pothanicker CSE
3 Prasanna Kumar Duvvi MECH
4 Siva Shankar MCA
5 Subhasish Mahapatra EEE


Asia Pacific Innovation Academy

The 2018 Asia Pacific Innovation Academy (APIA) International Innovation Accelerator Program is the world's largest international innovation accelerator project jointly organized by Chinachem Foundation and the European Innovation Institute. The Innovation Academy has become a recognized leader in tech entrepreneurship education. This program is a non-profit, educational program developed through joint partnerships with professionals from the world’s top institutions; Stanford University, U.C. Berkeley, and Google.

Program Details:

Program : APIA International Innovation Accelerator Program.

Dates : JULY 19th to AUGUST 9th 2018.

Venue : Shenzhen University, China.

40+ Teams, Top talents and future entrepreneurs

350+ Participants & Speakers, with mentors from Silicon Valley, EU & Asia

50+ Nationalities, Developers, Designers, Marketers & more

Details of the Programme

S.No Name of the Student Dept & Year Roll No Designation at APIA
1 Arjun Chakravarthi P ECE 2015-19 15691A04N8 CDO at Gotch’ya, APIA Delegate at European Innovation Academy.
2 Sucharitha C ECE 2015-19 15699A04A0 CTO at B2Brain, APIA Delegate at European Innovation Academy.
3 Umeshwar Reddy N ECE 2015-19 15699A04A8 CEO & CTO at Kids Matter, APIA Delegate at European Innovation Academy.

From MITS, Sucharitha's team got selected in top 5 among 42 teams in APIA International Innovation Accelerator Program. And her team was awarded with Business Mentoring over a 3 months period by HAG Consulting.

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International Delegates:

  • Prof. Brian from Maharshi Vedic University Holland, Prof. Ashley Deans Executive Director of Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment and Mr. Thai and Mrs. Sucha from Thailand visited MITS on 18th October, 2019. Prof. Rambabu Kodali Director of MITS and Prof. Brian has signed in the MoU, between two institutions to initiate Transcendental Meditation Classes in MITS and to foster research collaborations.

  • Prof. Brian Levine Professor in Neuro Science ( Maharshi Vedic University – Holland) and Sri. Chandra Sekhar visited the campus on 4th September 2019, addressed the faculty of MCA Dept and also took a session in the Induction Program for the MBA & MCA new entrants.

  • Dr. Vladimir Kulish, (Professor & former Vice Chancellor of Avantika University) Czech Technological University, Prague visited MITS and was in the campus from 26th August to 29th August 2019 (3 days) to establish global connectivity. He interacted with Deans & HoDs of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering faculty to explore the avenues for international collaborations, internships & other Exchange Programs.

  • Mr. R. Premanand, Center Head, Mr. Pritam Save, Marketing Manager & Mr. Sailesh Davey Senior Marketing Manager from AZENT OVERSEAS EDUCATION LIMITED conducted a Seminar on 28th August 2019 in MITS Auditorium on, “ Higher Education opportunities in1000+ TOP Universities abroad USA • Canada • Uk Ireland • Australia New Zealand • Germany” and interacted with the students extending admission and free IELTS coaching.

  • Mr. Praveen Career Counsellor from APNRT (AP Govt Non-Resident Telugu Society) visited MITS on 26th August 2019 to create awareness about the Govt Program & support to go abroad for higher studies. He interacted with the students and enabled the students about Vidya Vahini program and also the avenues for obtaining the funds for higher education abroad.

  • Dr. George Ghinea, Reader in Computer Science – Department of Computer Science at Brunel University & Dr. Sridhar Swaminathan, Assistant Professor at Bennett University, Greater Noida visited the campus on 14th May 2019. The team interacted with MITS - AI team and Heads of the departments to give an overview of the importance of Artificial Intelligence in Leading India & exploring research collaborations with Bennett University & Brunel University London, UK.

  • Prof. Dr. Neng-Shu Yang President, Prof. Yu-Hsun Nien, Vice Dean of Office of International Affairs and Ms. Carol Qiu, Manager-International Relations of National Yunlin University of Science and Technology (YUNTECH) -Taiwan visited the campus on 16th April 2019. The President signed the MoU on setting up of Mandarin language training center & arranging a teacher to train the students. The President and the team addressed the faculty & students and created awareness about MS & Ph.D. programs in YUNTECH-Taiwan.

  • Mr. Kobayashz, CEO & owner of Conomity and Mr. Kentaro Kuroiwa, H R Manager from Tokyo –Japan, visited MITS on 6th March 2019 along with Dr. G.S. Saggu and Mr. Manish Gupta of Orion Productions & Consulting Pvt. Ltd, Japan and interacted with MITS students and created an awareness about the job opportunities in Japan.

  • National Yunlin University of Science & Technology- Taiwan Dean of International Relations & Professor in Mechanical Engineering Prof. Dr. Stanley Tseng and Ms. Carol Qiu- Manager -International Relations visited MITS on 13th February 2019 and signed an agreement to establish Mandarin Language Centre along with a trainer in MITS Campus.

  • Dr. S. Eswar, Senior Researcher, Space Science Laboratory, Department of Astronomy and Space Science, Chungnam National University, visited MITS on 28th January 2019. There is a proposal for initiating future space research activities in MITS.

  • Prof. Soo Hyun Park, President, Special Communication Research Center and Prof. Soo Young Shin, Vice-President, Special Communication Research Center from Kookmin University visited MITS as part of MoU between Special Communication Research Center (SPRC), Kookmin University, Seoul, South Korea, and were in the campus from 17th to 20th December 2018.

  • Dr. Sreeganesh Thottempudi, a Research scientist from University Of Heidelberg, Germany visited the campus, on 13th December 2018 and addressed the faculty & Students of MCA on "Innovative Ideas on new Technologies" organized by Dept of Computer Applications

  • Mr. Vinay N Director- INDIA SILVERPEAK GLOBAL PRIVATE LTD, Bangalore visited MITS on 30th of August 2018, to create awareness on “Opportunities in Japan & Japanese Language Proficiency” addressed students of all Engineering branches from 11.00 AM to 4.00 PM in Main Seminar Hall.

  • Prof. William Oakes Director EPICS Purdue University & Dr. Kantha Reddy, Director of IUCEE India Epics Team & Irlapati Nagababu APSSDC visited MITS on 3rd July 2018, to conduct IUCEE-EPICS workshop (Engineering Projects In Community Services) in Scale-Up Classroom. He visited the campus, addressed the Research &Develop Department, interacted with the faculty involved in the societal projects. Further, he also interacted with the students who are involved in research activities and enabled all about the significance of EPICS Projects.

  • Contact Us

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    Dr. Sremmant Basu

    Madanapalle Institute of Technology & Science

    Post Box No: 14, Kadiri Road, Angallu

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