Funding Agency : DST-SERB

S.No Name of the Principal Investigator Department Sanctioned Letter Number with date Project Title Duration of the Project Total Sanctioned Amount Status of the Projects
1 Dr.I.Arun & Dr.C.Yuvaraj ME File No.ECR/2016/000470, dated:08.09.2016 Investigation and Characterization of Electrical Discharge Coated (EDC) Alloys for Mitigation of Biological Fouling on Maritime Structures. 3 years Rs.38,37,690/- Ongoing
Total Amount Rs.38,37,690/-

Funding Agency : DST-CSRI

S.No Name of the Principal Investigator Department Sanctioned Letter Number with date Project Title Duration of the Project Status of the Projects Total Sanctioned Amount
1 Dr.S.A.K.Jilani
Dr.S.Javeed Hussain
ECE File No.SR/CSRI/61/2015, dated:11.05.2016 Design and Development of Brain Test Adequacy System to Improve Cognitive Index of Young India Using Non Invasive Brain Sensor and Artificial Neural Networks 3 Years Rs.26,69,600/- Ongoing
Total Amount Rs.26,69,600/-

Institute Funded

S.No Name of the Principal Investigator Department Sanctioned Letter Number with date Project Title Duration of the Project Total Sanctioned Amount Status of the Projects
1 Dr. C. Yuvaraj ME TEQIP-II/Seed Grant/MITS/Dec 2016 Design and Development of mixing equipment for producing SS 3161 – CNT composites by Metal injection molding process 6 months Rs.50,000/- Completed
2 Dr John Baruch ME TEQIP-II/Seed Grant/MITS/Dec 2016 Studies on Wear Behavior of H20 Steel parts produced by Additive Manufacturing 6 months Rs.60,000/- Completed
3 Dr. K. V. P. Chakradhar ME TEQIP-II/Seed Grant/MITS/Dec 2016 Development of Aluminium-Diamond composite for Heat Sink 6 months Rs.50,000/- Completed
4 Dr. A. Bala Raju ME TEQIP-II/Seed Grant/MITS/Dec 2016 Stores for smart cities(ATR) 6 months Rs.50,000/- Completed
5 Dr.T.Vishnu Vardhan ME TEQIP-II/Seed Grant/MITS/Dec 2016 Experimental investigations & Optimization of process parameters on various drilling techniques to reduce the delamination of GFRP composites 6 months Rs.55,000/- Completed
6 Mr. M. Vamsi Krishna ME TEQIP-II/Seed Grant/MITS/Dec 2016 Enhancement of Tar Cracking Efficiency using Nano Catalyst for Biomass Gasification 6 months Rs.50,000/- Completed
7 Dr. S. Bhaskaran ME TEQIP-II/Seed Grant/MITS/Dec 2016 Investigation on Wear resistance of high strength aluminum alloy under crygenic treatment 6 months Rs.50,000/- Completed
8 Dr. G. Sayiram ME TEQIP-II/Seed Grant/MITS/Dec 2016 Development of Laser Peening of Gas Tungsten Arc Welding for Incoloy 800H and Stainless steel AISI 321 Dissimilar Metals 6 months Rs.50,000/- Completed
9 Dr. K. Rajangam EEE TEQIP-II/Seed Grant/MITS/Dec 20 Development of High Power Density Inverter 6 months Rs.50,000/- Completed
10 Mr. Chinna Kullay Reddy EEE TEQIP-II/Seed Grant/MITS/Dec 20 Integration of Renewable Energy System 6 months Rs.50,000/- Completed
11 Dr. M. Thamarai ECE TEQIP-II/Seed Grant/MITS/Dec 2016 Smart Tube Light System 6 months Rs.50,000/- Completed
12 Dr. N. Sathees Kumar ECE TEQIP-II/Seed Grant/MITS/Dec 2016 Fundamental Analysis on ECU Signals for the Development of Fault Diagnosis System Using Artificial Neural Networks 6 months Rs.55,000/- Completed
13 Mrs. S. Usha Rani ECE TEQIP-II/Seed Grant/MITS/Dec 2016 Object Tracking using Particle Filter 6 months Rs.47,500/- Completed
14 Mr. R. Ravindraiah ECE TEQIP-II/Seed Grant/MITS/Dec 2016 Lesion Detection in Diabetic Retinagraphy Images using Kernal Induced Spatial Fuzzy Clustering Approach 6 months Rs.50,000/- Completed
15 Dr. Kalpana CSE TEQIP-II/Seed Grant/MITS/Dec 2016 Developmental Studies of Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Algorithms through Mobile Ground Platforms. 6 months Rs.50,000/- Completed
16 Dr. S.Babu CSE TEQIP-II/Seed Grant/MITS/Dec 2016 Developing System for Monitoring Highway Using Big Data. 6 months Rs.60,000/- Completed
17 Dr. V. Hanuman Kumar CSE TEQIP-II/Seed Grant/MITS/Dec 2016 Image Data Encoding for Retinal Prosthesis System 6 months Rs.60,000/- Completed
18 Dr.Veningston CSE TEQIP-II/Seed Grant/MITS/Dec 2016 Intelligent Transport System for Healthcare 6 months Rs.50,000/- Completed
19 Dr. Virendra Verma Physics TEQIP-II/Seed Grant/MITS/Dec 2016 Study of Annealing Effect on Poly(3-Hexylthiophene)-Cadmium Selenide/Sulphide Hybrid Solar Cells 6 months Rs.55,000/- Completed
20 Dr. N. Nanda Kumar Reddy Physics TEQIP-II/Seed Grant/MITS/Dec 2016 Influence of Substrate Bias Voltage on Electrical, Structural and Optical Properties of DC Reactive Magnetron Sputtered (Ta2O5)1-x(TiO2)x Thin Films 6 months Rs.50,000/- Completed
21 Dr. A. Harish Sharma Physics TEQIP-II/Seed Grant/MITS/Dec 2016 Fabrication and Development of Transparent Metal Oxide Thin Films for Barrier Layers in Solar Cells 6 months Rs.50,000/- Completed
Total Amount Rs.10,92,500/-