S.No Name of the Principal Investigator Department Sanctioned Letter Number with date Project Title Duration of the Project Total Sanctioned Amount Status of the Projects
1 Mrs.K.Latha EFL File No.MRP-4605/14(SERO/UGC), dated:MAR 2014 English as a Tool for Enhancing Employability for Ability for Engineering Graduates 2 years Rs.2,75,000/- Completed
2 Mrs.M. Parvathi EFL File No.MRP-4606/14(SERO/UGC), dated:MAR 2014 Wise Usage of Technology in English Language Class Room by Professional Students: A Study 2 years Rs.2,75,000/- Completed
3 Mrs.Athar Samina Khan.D EFL File No.MRP-4607/14(SERO/UGC), dated:MAR 2014 Rendition of English Language in the Classes of Higher Education: A Study 2 years Rs.2,70,000/- Completed
4 Mr. M. V. Jagannatha Reddy CSE File No.MRP-4609/14(SERO/UGC), dated:MAR 2014 Expert System to Predict the Type of Fever using Data Mining Techniques on Medical Databases 2 years Rs.2,05,000/- Completed
5 Mr. Y C A Padmanabha Reddy CSE File No.MRP-4610/14(SERO/UGC), dated:MAR 2014 Semi-Supervised Learning and its Applications for Image and Document Categorization 2 years Rs.1,85,000/- Completed
6 Mrs. Perepi Rajarajeswari CSE File No.MRP-4611/14(SERO/UGC), dated:MAR 2014 Development of Student Educational Learning System Based on Mobile Cloud Computing 2 years Rs.2,10,000/- Completed
7 Mr. K. Srinivas MS File No.MRP-4611/14(SERO/UGC), dated:MAR 2014 Challenges and Opportunities in Empowering Women of Backward Classes Through SHG’s in Chittoor District in Andhra Pradesh 2 years Rs.2,50,000/- Completed
8 Mr. K.V.V Raaju MS File No.MRP-4614/14(SERO/UGC), dated:MAR 2014 Study on Aadhaar Card Implementation in Chittoor District 2 years Rs.2,00,000/- Completed
9 Dr.M. Jeelani Begum Maths File No.MRP-4612/14(SERO/UGC), dated:MAR 2014 A Study on Some Domination Parameters of Quadratic Residue Cayley Graphs 2 years Rs.3,00,000/- Completed
10 Mr. A.SubbaRao Maths File No.MRP-4613/14(SERO/UGC), dated:MAR 2014 Thermal Radiation Eggects on a Non-Newtonian Oldroyd-b Nano Fluid from a Stretching Sheet in a Non-Darcy Porous Medium 2 years Rs.3,20,000/- Completed
11 Mr. K. Vasu EEE MRP-5420/14(SERO/UGC), dated:01-08-2014 Investigation of Certain Control Strategies on Brush-less DC Motor with Artificial Intelligence Applications 2 Years Rs.4,20,000/- Completed
Total Amount Rs.29,10,000/-