Funded Programmes organized

Details of financial support from AICTE

S.No. Department Name of the Coordinator Title of the Seminar/conference/workshop etc. Type of program National/International Program Dates Ref. No. Amount (Rs.)
1 CSE Dr. Kuppusamy Modernizing Advanced Computing Laboratory for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applications MODROBS National 2 Years F.No.9-238 /RIFD/MOD/Policy-1/2018-19 dated 04.12.2019 9,00,000.00
2 CSE Dr. N. Nidhya Modernizing the Internet of Things Laboratory MODROBS National 2 Years F.No.9- 111 /IDC/MODROB/Policy-1/2019-20 dated 20.07.2020 5,96,741.00
3 MBA Dr. Mujahed Ali Mohd Empowering Socially Changelled Youth of Rural India Through Entrepreneurship Samriddhi National 2 Years F.No.73-9/RIFD/Samriddhi/Policy-1/2018-19 13,14,000.00
4 ME Dr.S.Baskaran Investigation and identification of machinability challenges of Hadfield steel through novel sustainable machining approach RPS National 3 Years File No. 8-118/FDC/RPS (policy-1)/2019-20 dated 14.08.2020 18,93,922.00
5 ME Dr. Surya Narayana Raju Pakalapati Modernization of lab equipment for fluid mechanics and hydraulics laboratory MODROBS National 2 Years F.No.9-262 /RIFD/MOD/Policy-1 /2018-19 dated 04.12.2019 11,00,000.00
6 ME Dr. S. Thamizhmanii Future Trends in Nanomechanics STTP National 3 weeks Ref. No. 34-65/278/RIFD/STTP/Policy-1/2018-19 dated 21.02.2020 3,00,000.00
7 ME Dr. Uday Krishna Ravella Materials Science and Engineering Laboratory MODROBS National 2 Years F.No.84-162/RIFD/MODROB/Rural/Policy -1/2019-20 dated 08.01.2019 15,86,589.00
8 CSE Dr. Mahaboob Shaik Modernization of secured and Intelligent communications systems through Natural Language Processing and Blockchain Technologies MODROBS National 2 Years F.No.84-111/RIFD/MODROB/Rural/Policy-1/2019-20 dated 08.01.2019 6,78,464.00
9 ECE Dr. Kumar Manoj Embedded with wireless IoT FDP-Faculty Development Program National 2 Weeks F.No.34-55/275/RIFD/FDP/Policy-1/2017-2018 dated 10.05.2019 5,38,000.00
10 CSE Dr.M.Sreedevi PRERANA-Pragramme Center for SC/ST students PRERANA National 2 years RIFD/72-Policy(1)/PRERANA/2017-18 dated 14.03.2019 7,43,000.00
11 MBA Dr.Pradeep Dayadi Skill and Personality Development Program Center for SC/ST students SPDP National 3 years 65-5/RIFD/SPDP/Policy-1/2017-2018 dated 28.02.2019 18,53,000.00
12 EEE Dr. MD Ansari Modernization of Power Systems Lab MODROBS National 2 years 9-98/ RIFD/MODROBS/Policy/2017-2018 16,16,000.00
13 ECE Dr.Thamarai M Modernization of Microwave and Optical Communication Lab MODROBS 2 years 9-148/RIFD/MODROB/policy-1/2016-2017 6,50,000.00
14 MBA Dr.Mujahed Ali Mohd Financial Techno Metrics – Theory and application FDP National F.No.6-102/RIFD/FDP/P-1/2016-2017 dated 06.06.2017 7,00,000.00
15 CSE Dr. Babu Subramani A National Seminar on Emerging Trends in Cognitive Technology & Its Application Seminar National 11th & 12th October 2017 F.No. 7-53/RIFD/SG/POL-1/2016-2017 dated 08.06.2017 1,00,000.00
15 MBA Dr.D.Pradeep 2nd International Conference on Innovative Management Strategies Conference International 6th to 7th March 2015 F.No. 7-21/RIFD/SEM/POLICY-1/2014-2015 dated 30.01.2015 2,00,000.00
17 ME Dr.C.Yuvaraj Fatigue & Fracture Mechanics in FE Analysis FDP National 03rd to 19th June 2013 F.No.6-102/RIFD/FDP/P(2)/2013-2014 dated 18.06.2013 7,00,000.00
Total Amount Rs.1,54,69,716/-

Details of financial support from DST/Others

S.No. Department Name of the Coordinator Title of the Seminar/ conference/ workshop etc. Type of program National/International Program Dates Sponsoring Agency Ref. No. Amount (Rs.)
1 ME Dr. UdayKrishna Ravella 21th International Conference on Composite Structures (ICCS21), Italy Conference International 4th to 7thSeptember 2018 DST, SERB, New Delhi ITS/2018/003770 Dated: 12-11-2018 1,48,093.00
2 EEE Dr.Arul Kumar K Melaka, Malaysia, 2016 IEEE 6th International Conference on power and energy Conference International 28th to 29th November 2016 DST, SERB, New Delhi ITS/3961/2016-17, Dated. 02-02-2017 52,591.00
3 EEE Dr.K.V.R.B.Prasad Advances in Poser and Energy Systems (NCAPES) Conference National 16th to 17th August 2016 DST, SERB, New Delhi Fr.No. SB/SS/366/16-17 dated 25.07.2016 1,00,000.00
4 MBA Dr. Neti Subrahmanyam Financial Inclusion - Opportunities and Challenges Workshop National 24th June 2016 Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) & Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Mumbai Ref No. IPF/SR/MITS dated 27.07.2016 & Email Ref. from rohinijoshi@rbi.org.in, RBI, Mumbai DRG dated 30.06.2016 to nsubrahmanyam2011@gmail.com 90,000.00
5 ME Dr.C.Yuvaraj Recent Advances in Additive Manufacturing Seminar National 19th to 20th August 2016 DST, SERB, New Delhi Fr.No. SB/SS/1678/15-16 dated 02.02.2016 1,00,000.00
6 CSE Dr. S. Murali Krishna BDI, DST Sponsored Training Programme on Big Data Analytics FTP National 1st to 10th June 2016 DST, BDI, New Delhi Lr. No.BDID/01/22/2014 dated 28.12.2015 Ref. BDID/10/17/2015 6,00,000.00
7 ECE Dr.A.R.Reddy Wireless Communication Systems Conference National 27th to 28th February 2016 DST, SERB, New Delhi Fr.No. SB/SS/380/15-16 dated 30.09.2015 1,00,000.00
8 Physics Dr. P. Brahmanandam Bankok, Thailand International Reference Ionosphere 2015 Workshop Workshop International 2nd to 13th November 2015 DST, SERB, New Delhi ITS/4370/2015-16 Dated 21-01-2016 40,817.00
9 EEE Dr.K.V.R.B.Prasad National Seminar on Challenges, Approaches and Practical Implementations of Micro Grids Seminar National 28th to 30th September 2015 DST, SERB, New Delhi Fr.No. SB/SS/1858/14-15 dated 06.05.2015 1,00,000.00
10 ECE Dr.A.R.Reddy Recent Trends in Signal Processing Conference National 18th to 19th February 2015 DST, SERB, New Delhi Fr.No. SB/SS/1280/14-15 dated 08.12.2014 1,00,000.00
Total Amount Rs.14,31,501.00/-