Dr. S. M. Farooq

Qualification : Ph.D.

Details of Educational Qualification:

Course Specialization Group College Name/University Year of Passing
Ph.D. Computer Science and Engineering Computer Science and Engineering Yogi Vemana University 2019
M.Tech. Computer Science Computer Science Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU), Hyderabad 2010
B.Tech. Information Technology Information Technology Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU), Hyderabad 2006

Note : Students are advised to meet me in Room No : WB - 306 at any time other than my class hours mentioned in the below timetable for any discussions related to the subjects & research.

My Schedule for 2020-21


My Publications

S.No Title of the Paper Full Details of Journal Name / Conference Name, Volume number, page number, Date
1 "A Security Mechanism for IEEE C37.118.2 PMU Communication" IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, DOI: 10.1109/TIE.2021.3053897 (Early Access) Impact Factor:7.515 URL: https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/9339856
2 “Using ID-based Authentication and Key Agreement Mechanism for Securing Communication in Advanced Metering Infrastructure” IEEE Access, 2020 (SCI Indexed - IF 3.745), ISSN: 2169-3536,
DOI: 10.1109/ACCESS.2020.3038813
3 "Survey of Authentication Techniques in Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks (VANETs)," IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Magazine, doi: 10.1109/MITS.2020.2985024. (Impact Factor: 3.294)
4 "A Method for Achieving Confidentiality and Integrity in IEC 61850 GOOSE Messages," IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, doi: 10.1109/TPWRD.2020.2990760. (Impact Factor: 4.42)
5 "Implementing Secure Routable GOOSE and SV Messages Based on IEC 61850-90-5," IEEE Access, vol. 8, pp. 26162-26171, 2020. (Impact Factor: 3.745)
6 “A Novel Approach for Mitigation of Replay and Masquerade Attacks in Smartgrids using IEC 61850 Standard,” IEEE Access, vol. 7, pp. 156044-156053, 2019. (Impact Factor: 3.745)
7 “S-GoSV: Framework for Generating Secure IEC 61850 GOOSE and Sample Value Messages", Energies, vol. 12, no. 13, p. 2536, Jul. 2019. (Impact Factor: 2.702)
8 "Analysis and Implementation of Message Authentication Code (MAC) Algorithms for GOOSE Message Security," IEEE Access, vol. 7, pp. 80980-80984. (Impact Factor: 3.745)
9 "Performance Evaluation and Analysis of IEC 62351-6 Probabilistic Signature Scheme for Securing GOOSE Messages," IEEE Access, vol. 7, pp. 32343-32351, 2019. (Impact Factor: 3.745)
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13 "Implementation of Blockchain technology for Energy Trading with Smart Meters," 2019 Innovations in Power and Advanced Computing Technologies (i-PACT), Vellore, India, 2019, pp. 1-5, doi: 10.1109/i-PACT44901.2019.8960243.
14 "MPTCP based mitigation of Denial of Service (DoS) Attack in PMU Communication Networks," 2018 IEEE International Conference on Power Electronics, Drives and Energy Systems (PEDES), Chennai, India, 2018, pp. 1-5, doi: 10.1109/PEDES.2018.8707542.
15 "A study on Fibonacci series generation algorithms," 2016 3rd International Conference on Advanced Computing and Communication Systems (ICACCS), Coimbatore, 2016, pp. 1-5, doi: 10.1109/ICACCS.2016.7586379.