Dassault Systemes Foundation

About Dassault Systemes Foundation (http://lafondation.3ds.com/):

La Foundation Dassault Systemes (Dassault Systemes Foundation, India) aims to develop a more sustainable society by driving innovations and improvisations in education, research and heritage and enabling a broader and more equal access to them by coupling the potentials of virtual universes and experiences. The Desalination project which aims to serve our society in impeccable ways is generously supported by La Foundation Dassault Systemes.

Also by supporting progressive institutes like ours which are located in interior parts of our country, La Foundation Dassault Systemes is motivating young researchers from such areas to explore and materialize innovative research ideas and provide a platform for students and professors to do research for social and sustainable innovation, develop newer learning approaches and help students to be future ready.

List of Projects

  • Develop drinkable water for clean water deprived villages; Using Nano-composite Hydrogels and Desalination Bags by Dr. D. Arunbabu, Project In-charge.
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  • Modelling Potential Radiosensitizer Molecules for Chemotherapy by Dr. Renjith Bhaskaran, Project In-charge.
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