Research Scholar’s List

Batch: 2015-16

S.No Department Admission Number Name of the Student Thesis Title
1 EEE 15PH0204 N. Satyavani Modelling and Analysis of Z Source Inverter for Enhancing Power Quality in PV
2 ME 15PH0301 Thota. Siva Prasad Development and Experimental Investigation of Light Weight Natural Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Composites for Automotive Engine
3 ME 15PH0302 Raghavendra H Design, Fabrication and Dynamic Analysis of striling Engines for Applications in Distributed Power Generations
4 ME 15PH0336 Bazani Shaik Parametric Optimization and Experimental Investigations on Friction Stir Welding Process to improve the Microstructures of AL Alloys
5 ECE 15PH0402 Shaik Mohammed Rafi Design of Reversible Computing Systems for Low Power Applications
6 CSE 15PH0528 Y. Harinath Enabling Trustworthiness of users in symmetric searchable Encryption Schemes Over Cloud Data

Batch: 2014-15

S.No Department Admission Number Name of the Student Thesis Title
1 ME 14PH0326 V.Chengal Reddy Investigations & Optimization of control variables in various Drilling Techniques to reduce the Delamination of GFRP Composites using ANN and GA Integrated Approach
2 ECE 14PH0427 Brahmadesam.T.Madav Reconstruction of Lost frames in Video Reception
3 ECE 14PH0428 Prahlad Reddy.T Cryptography Solution for Security of Context Aware Internet of Things Devices
4 Physics 14PH0711 Pujari Ananda Modelling and simulation of flexible pyroelectric Thermal Sensor for Radioisotope power system
5 Chemistry 14PH0816 G.Apsana Emerging as Nanofactories towards facile route in synthesis of Nanoparticles
6 Mathematics 14PH0912 Kuruva Subbanna Double Diffusive Boundary layer flow of Non-Newtonian flow in porous media
7 Mathematics 14PH0914 Ch.Amanulla Some studies on Non-Newtonian Fluid through Purous Medium
8 Mathematics 14PH0915 Charapalli Shobha Rani Graph Theory and general
9 Mathematics 14PH0917 L. Nagaraja Effect of Magnetic Field on some Non-Newtonian Fluid Flows
10 Mathematics 14PH0911 Sasikala Meegada Computational Analysis of Non-Newtonian Boundary
11 MBA 14PH1011 Savudumani Mohana Shopping Experience and Mall Patronage in South India
12 MBA 14PH1014 Vennapusa Lavanya Impact of Capital Inflows on Indian Manufacturing Sector-with Reference to Auto-mobile Industry
13 English 14PH1411 Kummara Naresh Thematic study of K.V. Raghupathi’s Poetry
14 English 14PH1412 D. Sai Lakshmi Diasporic Indian Writers: Chitra Banarjee and Jhumpa Lahiri

Batch: 2013-14

S.No Department Admission Number Name of the Student Thesis Title
1 ECE 13PH0422 K. Sai Venu Prathap A Real Time image mosaicing using invariant features
2 ECE 13PH0424 E. Lakshmi Prasad A high speed Routing Algorithms for Network-On-Chip
3 Physics 13PH0705 M. Usha Design and Development of organics photovoltaics
4 Chemistry 13PH0816 R. Yuva Sravana Synthesis of Nano-particles and study their properties
5 Mathematics 13PH0912 K. Madhavi Computational analysis of Non-Newtonian boundary layer flow of eyring -Powell fluid
6 Mathematics 13PH0913 B. Md. Hidayathulla Khan Non-similar double diffusive boundary layer flow of viscoelastic fluid
7 Mathematics 13PH0914 K.Venkatadri Mathematical modelling of some flows past isothermal and home-isothermal
8 MBA 13PH1001 G. Sreenivasa Reddy Problems of farmers- A Case study of Kurnool district
9 MBA 13PH1007 M. Rama Kumari Impact of compensation management & employee involvement on performance of cement companies with special reference to Rayalaseema Region